TJ's Sweetie Pie's NoHo

5230 Lankershim Blvd

North Hollywood, CA 91601

 (818) 761-1325




Sunday – Thursday

11am – 8pm

Friday and Saturday

11am – 10pm

Daily Specials


All burgers are topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and mayo.

Beef Burger

Single $4.00 Double $5.50 Triple $6.50

Turkey Burger $5.00
Veggie Burger $5.00
Chicken Breast Sandwich $5.00
Fried Chicken Tenders $4.00


Includes fries and drink for just $2 more!

Meet Your Meat

Fried Chicken 

 2pc for $6.00  4pc for $10.00 


8pc for $16.00


12pc for $22.00 16pc for $28.00

Fried Fish Fillets 

2 fillets                            $8.00


Each additional piece      $3.00


BBQ Ribs 

1/4 slab                $10.00


1/2 slab                 $15.00


full slab                $22.00


Classic Cornbread or Roll    $1.00

Add an extra piece of tasty cornbread!


All meats come with cornbread or dinner rolls – sauces and condiments available upon request.


TJ’s Corner

Kid’s Meal (10 and under) – no substitutions

TJ’s Plate $8.00

Choose ONE Meat and ONE Side

Meat (one piece): fried chicken, rib, or fish

Choose any Side

(includes beverage and cornbread or roll)

Say Hi to Sides

Mac-N-Cheese $6.00

Fried Mac-N-Cheese Balls $6.00

JUMBO Waffle $5.00

Veggie Sticks $4.00

Side Salad $4.00

Fried Corn on the Cob $5.00

Sweet Potato Fries $4.50

Slow-Cooked Greens $4.00

(flavored with smoked turkey or chicken)

Potato Salad $4.00

Fries $4.00

Side Splitter $18.00

(4 full sides)

TJ’s Wings

Choices: Breaded or Naked

Combo: comes with fries and a drink

5pc for $8.99 10pc for $12.89

8pc for $11.00 15pc for $19.99

Family Pack:

30pc w/ 2sides $31.89   40pc w/ 2sides $39.99

50pc w/ 3sides $49.99   75pc w/ 4 sides $70.99

100pc w/ 5sides $92.99

Just Wings:

10pc for $7.99  15pc for $11.79

20pc for $15.59  30pc for $23.29

50pc for $38.99  75pc for $58.39

100pc for $74.99

Wing Flavors:

Sweet Red Chili, Mango Habanero, Garlic Parmesan, Sriracha, Kickin’ Bourbon, Buffalo Wing Sauce, Golden Barbecue, and Sweet Teriyaki

Dessert Won’t Hurt

Peach Cobbler $5.00

Pear Cobbler $5.00

Banana Pudding $5.00

Fresh bananas, creamy pudding and sweet, crispy cookies make this treat a classic favorite.


(* = Dine-In Free Refills)

Soft Drinks* $3.00

Coke, Diet Coke, Pibb, Sprite, Hi-C Fruit Punch, Fanta Orange; all served over crushed ice

Sweet Tea* $3.00

Lemonade* $3.00

Bottled Water $3.00

I Love Sweetie Pie's

    I thoroughly have enjoyed every time I've visited Sweetie Pies!!!

    The service and the food were great!!! I look forward to my next visit!

Great Restaurant, Great Food

     Wowzers! This has to be my best fried catfish experience hands down.

     Sweetie Pie's knocked my socks off with just one taste of their famous fish. .


Best Soul Food in Town

      The fried catfish was to die for. It was fried crispy just like we like it and

      very flavorful with just enough seasoning.

      It was still tasty and delicious, the black-eyed peas were our favorite.

Now Serving Hot Wings and other Great Flavors

Get you favorite wings Sweetie Pie's style at TJ's Sweetie Pies Learn More